Friday, May 16, 2008

Frame Mock-up

Since the last post, a couple of things have happened. We ripped and cut that aluminum tube into the 1x3 channel. The wheels were ordered and came in just a couple of days ago. So, we just had to lay things out on the floor to see how everything fits! There's a box under the motors so they can be positioned properly over the inside frame members. It looks like there will be plenty of room, which is good news!
The next steps are;
  • trim the frame members to fit together
  • weld the frame (but leave we'll bolt the pieces on outside the wheels, for easy servicing)
  • drill the holes to mount the motors
  • get axles for the wheels
  • find some mounting hardware for the axles
  • research and acquire the gears for the motors and wheels
  • get the right length of chain to connect the motors and wheels
Once we get all of that done, we can start worrying about electrical items, such as batteries, motor controller, and radio-control hardware. I'm sure we'll be tempted to just apply power to the motors to see the thing move!

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