Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Motors are Here!

They've arrived right on schedule! I think they'll do nicely! We've been eyeing some wheels also. They have an aluminum hub and polyurethane "tire" and some nice roller bearings in the hub. I think we'll be able to attach a gear to these via some metal spacers attached to the hub.
With these wheels (at 5 inches diameter) and these motors, we can go 33 mph with a 2:1 reduction. But, Ryan thinks we should shoot for a slower top speed. So a 3:1 reduction yields 22 mph.
I did some research on motor drivers that integrate with a R/C receiver. I found this one, "Sabertooth dual 10A motor driver for R/C". It can more than handle the power needs of these motors, though I really don't know what they will draw at full load. We've also been talking about how to construct a frame. We've been talking about aluminum I-beams. Not sure where to get these yet. We'll do some more research and report what we found. Also need a source for gears and chain, but I'm sure we won't have any problem finding those!

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